DVDLinux Beach Productions produces documentaries of social and political consequences for theatrical showing, online viewing and distribution via DVD and Blu Ray. Our first feature length documentary was News Clips from the Iraq War in 2004, our most important documentary to date has been Vietnam: American Holocaust, the sequel, Vietnam: People's Victory is currently in production. We have also produced some shorter pieces about the people's struggles form North Africa to Occupy Los Angeles for display on You Tube and other on-line forums. You will also find some of the best of those pieces reproduced on DVD and available here. We also carry a select group of DVD's not produced by us but which we consider very important.
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Free Syria Scarf at Venice BeachFree Syria Scarf$9.95
Cover Art for clayclai on YouTube #1clayclai on YouTube #1 [DVD]$12.95
clayclai on YouTube Cover Artclayclai on YouTube #2 [DVD]$12.95
Cover Art for clayclai on YouTube #4clayclai on YouTube #4 [DVD]$12.95
The Libyan Revolution,  Volume 1The Libyan Revolution, 18 videos about$12.95
The Syrian Revolution,  Volume 1The Syrian Revolution, 30 videos about$12.95
NewsClips from the Iraq War [DVD]NewsClips from the Iraq War [DVD]$12.95
YouTube DVD #3 with footage from Vietnam and Iraqclayclai on YouTube #3 [DVD]$12.99
Veterans for Peace National Convention 2009 DVDVeterans for Peace National Convention 2009$15.00
Vietnam: American Holocaust [DVD] Veteran's Discount$19.95
Vietnam: American Holocaust [DVD]Vietnam: American Holocaust [DVD]$19.95
Poster at Video StoreDVD & Poster for Video Store$35.00