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UK and EU in row over bloc's diplomatic status
The EU's top representative in London is not being accorded the same privileges as other ambassadors.
Published: Jan 21, 2021 00:01:30

Race in South Africa: 'We haven't learnt we are human beings first'
A teacher was charged with fraud for describing himself as "African".
Published: Jan 21, 2021 00:01:27

Biden inauguration: New president sworn in amid Trump snub
Joe Biden's inauguration as 46th US president marks a new chapter after Donald Trump's term.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 22:01:11

Biden gets to work on reversing Trump policies with executive orders
The new president starts dismantling his predecessor's legacy by signing a raft of executive orders.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 22:01:00

Biden inauguration: Amanda Gorman's poem The Hill We Climb in full
Amanda Gorman's powerful reading of her poem was one of the memorable moments at Joe Biden's inauguration.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 18:01:17

Full transcript of Joe Biden's inauguration speech
'This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge'. Read the 46th president's address in full.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 17:01:22

Kamala Harris: A beginner's guide to being vice-president
The US has its first female vice-president in history. Here's what awaits Kamala Harris.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 17:01:32

Madrid explosion leaves three dead
At least three people have died in a suspected gas blast that destroyed four floors of a building.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 16:01:08

Kamala Harris becomes first female, first black and first Asian-American VP
Kamala Harris makes history as she is sworn in as US vice-president.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 16:01:26

Tunisia youths warned over riots amid Covid curfew
Protests continued for a fifth night over high unemployment and an economic crisis.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 15:01:12

Biden inauguration: Trump leaves White House vowing 'we will be back'
Donald Trump tells supporters "I will fight for you, I will be watching" as he heads to Florida.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 14:01:47

Donald and Melania Trump depart on Marine One
Donald Trump and his wife Melania depart on Marine One hours ahead of his successor Joe Biden's inauguration.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 13:01:16

South Africa 'Dr Death' row: Clinics defend Basson's right to practise
The cardiologist, who works in Cape Town, once headed the apartheid-era secret germ warfare programme.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 12:01:56

Egyptian billionaires invest $120m in Ghana academy
An Egyptian conglomerate worth billions of dollars invests $120m in the Right To Dream academy, founded in Ghana in 1999, with plans to expand in Egypt and the UK.
Published: Jan 20, 2021 11:01:44

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